This Category is for the SIL Essentials for E-Learning Training.

This course is about helping church leaders to be aware of the importance of bible translation and to promote it.

This course introduces students to the different cultures in which the Bible was written and also teaches them how to do research for more detailed cultural knowledge.  This will enable them to interpret the Bible as the original authors intended and so gain a correct understanding of the message.

This course teaches the basics of human communication to trainee Bible translators as part of the translation track of the i-DELTA training program. This is the first section of the module Bible Translation Basics 1 and is the prerequsite for translators here is viewed as one form of human communication.

Everyone thinks, but few people think well. Critical thinking is not simply memorizing facts or items. This course will help and guide you to become a good critical thinker. 

This Course is for Training Purpose on the essentials of setting up an E-Learning Program.

Phonology is an introductory course in the techniques of analyzing (describing and explaining) the sound systems of languages. Students consider the organization inherent in sound systems across languages; and begin to learn the notational and theoretical devices employed by linguists in analyzing phonological phenomena.    

Ce cours permet de comprendre la notion de morphème et de l'identifier en vue d'une bonne interlinérisation de textes