Semester Three : 2020-2021

Welcome to Semester 3 -  20/21

A few reminders for the start of the semester...

All: Login instructions for ODeL users are located under Orientation>> Student

Instructors: You should make your e-Learning course available to students in order for them to have access to it. 

Students: Use of the eLearning system is based on the instructor's discretion and departmental request through the ODeL department. Although not all classes have an eLearning course by default, the instructor can decide whether or not to utilize it. Students can self enroll in the class - if its available and the instructor will have made the course available in order to gain access. 

If you do not see a course listed, please contact the instructor of the class to see if they are using the eLearning System and if they have made their eLearning course available to students. You may also contact your school admininstrator.

NOTE: The courses available this semester are arranged as follows

  • At the Top/First Level : classification is by level the Programme : Undergraduate - for diplomas amd degree courses or Postgraduate - for postgraduate diploma, master and Phd courses)
  • At the Second Level arrangement is by the prefix of the programme : -  BBA, BAGL, BScIT, BADS, BED/DED, BTH etc

IMPORTANT : Before Commencing any Credit Based Online Course ensure that you have registered/booked for it in the  AIU Student Portal