The course explores how cultural differences affect the way people interact, and shows the student how to improve their communication in a shrinking world. The course further addresses the interface between communication and culture; how people from various backgrounds think and express ideas, and how people’s thoughts and expressions affect behaviour.

In keeping with AIU “MISSION” this course seeks to provide the student with opportunities for both research, interaction and partnership/engagement with African  Indigenous Churches (AICs) with view to advancement of God’s Mission. For Missions Studies students, the course will  be working from the premise that the AICs are a significant contribution to missiology. 

To give students an understanding of the foundation of missions as well as the implications for church leaders called by God to pastor, evangelize, disciple, teach, and cross cultural barriers with the gospel. Also it is aimed at mobilizing the local church to be engaged in transformative outreach locally and internationally.

This course is designed to help students to deal both academically and practically with

various issues pertaining to “spiritual warfare” from a Biblical perspective. It aims to

equip them with a sound evangelical theology and a ministry skill for the practice of

“power encounter” in different cultural contexts.

This course is a reflection of the African Traditional Religious believes and practices which are reviewed in the context of African traditional and modern culture. The study takes into account the on-going inter-play of the past and present as demonstrated in the social, economic and political forums among the African people groups. The study  also takes note of the dynamics of culture change that is constantly under the influence of globalization.

The purpose of this course is to help leaders develop leadership philosophy, competencies and skills to be effective leaders in the context in which they serve with integrity and skilful hands.  Attention is given to the discovery and application of biblical principles of leadership in both mono-cultural and cross-cultural settings.